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XVid;-) 2.2 is a free XVid Video Player for Windows
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XVid;-) 2.2 is a free XVid Video Player for Windows.
It has the capability of displaying XVid and DivX .avi video files, with no additional codecs.

The program consists of a viewing screen and a panel. If you right click over the Viewing screen, you´ll have access to the program options, in a Windows XP style. Through that menu you can access the video controls (Begin, Rewind, Play, Forward, End, Pause, Stop, Open File) and the viewing options (Fullscreen, Zoom, Display, Play List, Mute, Configuration). You can load the subtitles here, the program can display subtitles along with the video file.

You can also switch the display to TV mode or Monitor Mode.

You can set the program to shut down the computer after the video finishes, too.

The panel has a built in clock and a side indicator that can show you the CPU Usage, Video Image Size, Video Image Format, Movie File Size, Frames per Second, Subtitle Format and Current Image Frame.

It has controls to switch Full Screen On or Off, Zoom In and Oute, Make a File List, Mute or establish the configuration.

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  • It´s a nice tool to view XVid files without extra codecs


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